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IOWA: 1-day Course - April 5, June 21, Aug. 9 - Educator: Dr. Cody Kriegel

IOWA: 1-day Course - April 5, June 21, Aug. 9 - Educator: Dr. Cody Kriegel

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Course: "Hands-on Zirconia Dental Implant Training"

Duration: 1-day Course

Speaker: Dr. Cody Kriegel

Location: Vios Dental; 2345 Landon Road Suite 300, North Liberty, IA 52317

CE: 7 CE

Dr. Cody Kriegel

Dr. Cody Kriegel is a board-certified integrative biological dentist and the founder of Vios Dental (formally Corridor. Dental). As an expert in ceramic implantology and naturopathic medicine, Dr. Kriegel has worked with thousands of deserving patients internationally to achieve optimal health with unique, tailored, biological dental treatments.

As the only accredited Biological Dentist in Iowa, Dr. Kriegel's philosophy centers around a non-toxic, minimally-invasive, biocompatible approach to dentistry. A dedicated physician committed to education, Dr. Kriegel completed a fellowship in the ICOI (International College of Oral Implantology), a fellowship in the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), and has over 400 hours of continuing education on holistic health.

With nearly a decade in practice, Dr. Kriegel can help any patient see the impact of their oral condition on a systemic level and empower them on their journey to optimal health.

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About the Course

The HANDS-ON ZIRCONIA DENTAL IMPLANTS course offers a broad overview of the methods and techniques involved in case planning and placing zirconia implants.

The first part is a lecture about ceramic implants’ special properties, different surgical techniques between zirconia and titanium, case planning and avoiding failures. The instructor will also use verified case studies to highlight the advantages of placing zirconia dental implants. Temporization and final restorations will also be discussed. The trainer will perform a live surgery and shadowing opportunity for all participants.

The second part will be “Hands-On” where participants will be given the opportunity to place zirconia implants in models. The instructor will lead the hands-on part with a demonstration of the techniques involved. This will be followed by personalized instruction during which the attendees place zirconia implants and the trainer will offer guidance. The session will end with Q&A, and a discussion about marketing zirconia implants in their practice.

Educational Objectives at a glance - CE's awarded

• Learn about the unique properties of zirconia dental implants
• The advantages and requirements of implanting immediately
• Why peri-implantitis is not an issue for ceramic implants
• Detailed comparison between titanium and ceramic implants
• Specifics of prosthodontics for zirconia implants
• Techniques for placing zirconia implants